How To Build Your Acting Business Without a Day Job

Hey Acting friends. The reality for many of you is that as you are building your acting business you are going to have to do other work to support yourself until you can make a full time income acting. I’ve been there and lets be honest, IT SUCKS! I’ve worked in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, catering halls, hotels, you name it. The service industry especially can suck the life out of your soul leaving little creative juice for the work you are meant to do.

Build Your Acting Business Without a day job!

Here’s a better way to support yourself-MAKE MONEY ONLINE! I know, I know, that phrase alone sounds shady and for some businesses it is. But that’s not what I’m talking about. There are legitimate ways to serve people online that don’t involve porn or money grams.

If you’ve been hanging around on Facebook you’ve probably seen an ad for “No More Waiters-How To Build Your Acting Business Without a Day Job”, an ebook by Bones Rodriguez. Bones makes a living online that allows him to support himself and his family while pursuing his goals in the entertainment industry. He writes great content around this subject and he’s also always auditioning and acting in something.


How to Build your Acting Business

Bones is the real deal


Making money online is very seductive. If there was a way that you could put up a website and use it like an ATM wouldn’t you do it? Well, it’s that easy…and it isn’t. Let me explain, I bought Bones’ book “No More Waiters” to learn more about this world. ‘You can make money online by selling physical products, selling info products, creating a membership website, offering coaching and earning affiliate income just to name a few. Whatever business you start will ideally center around something you love or have expertise in. Instead of adding value face to face you can serve people right where they are…on their phone or computer.

I became interested in the topic because I’ve started a website called I used to be a sponsored triathlete and marathon runner. Fitness has been a big part of my life and I wanted to share what I have learned from other people to help those looking to conquer their fitness goals.  My main business and income comes from being a producer and actor but this is a side project I’m passionate about. It costs money to host the site so I figured I’d at least learn how to make enough money back so that I don’t lose money on the whole thing month over month.


How to Build your Acting Business

Stop waiting tables


“No More Waiters-How To Build Your Acting Business Without a Day Job” is excellent at getting you excited about a new way to take control of your financial freedom. There are a great many resources he shares and some nuts and bolts details about how exactly to get started. You could read it in one sitting. I’d say the book is a great primer that could get you started but not necessarily a detailed “how to”. If you want that he offers masterminds, coaching, other products and a paid Facebook mastermind group. For me, I wanted more info so I joined his paid Facebook group.

For the price of an entree at an LA restaurant you get access to him and the Entreperformers community of other actors who are building vehicles of financial independence online. Whenever I had a question, he promptly answered, which was great. This saved me hours of searching online for an answer. My main critique about the community is that the other members weren’t very active. When I posted, no other members interacted. I was really looking for a community and accountability group to work with. You can’t blame Bones too much for this. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Actors can be lazy, unfocused people. All anyone can do is offer service and hope someone follows through and uses the info given. Anyway, I left the group after a month. Bones was understanding and there was no hard sell, “Come Back!” bologna.

But here is the cool part, the next day I got a Facebook message from Bones. He wrote “Hey Marty- I took a look at your blog, and I can tell you’ve put some great work into the interviews, but do you want it to be profitable?”

Well, “Of course I’d like to make it profitable” I replied and explained where I was with my site. “Let’s chat tomorrow, I’ll clear things up for you”, he replied.

I barely know this guy, he’s not getting anymore money from me and he still wants to help. Now that’s someone who cares about the value they are delivering.

He gave me a call today and we talked for 15 minutes. He did in fact clear things up for me. He told me two key steps I was missing from my process. I really appreciated that. He didn’t have to call me or even follow up but he did. Starting new things can be overwhelming especially when money and technology are involved. If you’re going to get into the online space and you’d like to take control of your financial situation I’d recommend getting some help. It’ll save you a lot of time.


How to Build your Acting Business

I know which I’d rather be


Click here to Read “No More Waiters-How To Build Your Acting Business Without a Day Job” . When you do I will earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Bones will show you how to do that too. Pretty cool.  Check it out and let me know what you think. It helped me and I think it will help you too.

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